Steam Cleaners: Are They Worth It?

A steam cleaner

Steam cleaners are perfect tools to clean household surfaces, including tiles, hardwood floors, countertops, sinks, tubs, carpets, windows, shower cabinets, stovetops, grills, and more.

The reason the steam cleaners work better than the traditional methods is obvious. The heat of the high-temperature steam loosens the adhesive structure of dirt and stain, and pressurized steam helps to remove the dirt away.

When used as instructed, steam cleaners can remove stubborn dirt, grease, and stains easily. It is proved that steam cleaners kill 99.9% of household bacteria.

They are also great for carpet cleaning because the high heat kills the dust mites. They are also great against mold. Steam cleaners kill mold better than any other method because steam penetrates the pores of the surface that is occupied by mold. 

Does Steam Cleaner Clean Windows?

If you get a steam cleaner with a window cleaning accessory, you will see it is great for removing dirt, stains, and grease from your Windows or any other glass surface.

What should you not steam clean?

Of course, there are things you should not steam clean. It is not a good idea to steam-clean surfaces that will be damaged by high temperatures or sensitive to moisture. Here are a few examples of things you should avoid steam cleaning.

  • Surfaces of electronics devices. However, there are specialized attachments available that can make the steam cleaner safely clean electronic device surfaces.
  • Wall painted with water-based paint
  • Cardboard or thin plastic surfaces.

What are the important features to look for when buying a steam cleaner?

Water tank capacity

Larger water tanks are great because you don’t have to fill often while cleaning a large floor. Of course, a larger tank means a bulkier and heavier machine, so you must consider a place to store your steam cleaner. They also usually take more time to heat up.

Heat-up time

This is the time you must wait before starting and after every water tank refill. The capacity of the tank and the power of the steam cleaner decide how fast the machine is ready to be used.

Maximum pressure

How much pressure the machine can generate. Steam cleaners with more pressure will clean stubborn dirt and stains more easily. They also kill more germs. 

The number of accessories

Make sure there are enough attachments for different types of cleaning jobs. Look for window cleaning accessories, scrubbing pads, spare nozzles, brushes, and more. Also, be sure that it is easy to buy replacement accessories.